Fassbinder's Querelle divides critics and audiences alike; come claim it as genius, others as a piece of puerile masturbatory self-indulgent cinema. It may very well be both. What do you think?


It had to happen - the first film this year that drove people from the room. I'd love to know why - mainly so I can find films that repeat the process. Is David Lynch a genius, or a man with a fast computer and a potty mouth?


A work of genius, or a barely comprehensible precursor to Powerpoint? What did you like, or dislike? What there anything to like? What are your thoughts?


Yorkshire's favourite dairy-addicted astronauts. What do you think?


Heterografting? Death by Alsatian? The Place of the Citroen in French Film? Your thoughts, comments and criticisms - please. 


Michael Powell described it as ""a very tender film, a very nice one". By way of a contrast, the critic Derek Hill commented that "the only really satisfactory way to dispose of Peeping Tom would be to shovel it up and flush it swiftly down the nearest sewer". What do you think?


So - what did you think? As a way of starting our viewing season, I chose Alphaville deliberately (especially since I simply adore it as a work of art). But enough about what I think. Over to you.


One of the downfalls of the free Weebly site is the lack of truly interactive capabilities. Nevertheless, I am sure we can bend the blogging tool to our best advantage by utilising its ability to host responses - and its through there we'll have some kind of discussion about the material we read, the films we see, and other items / ideas of interest that occur. I look forward to your comments.