"Because I just went gay all of a sudden". I can't wait for your thoughts. 

5/21/2009 07:13:09 pm

What was your reason for showing this rom-com ("screwball comedy" says wikipedia) to us?
I was utterly gobsmacked by their "fast-paced repartee". Sometimes I had no idea what they were saying.
It was funny and somewhat annoying when she was swaying on the ladder for like ten minutes before the ladder finally fell.

5/21/2009 10:03:12 pm

Yeah - it was pretty hard to understand some of that dialogue, I've got to admit. I loved this film when I first saw it (and your beloved Wikipedia notes that it's considered "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" enough to be preserved, which makes it worth seeing - I think).

Regardless, as a 'rom-com' it's miles better than anything with Tom Hanks or <shudder> Melanie Griffiths.

6/24/2009 03:40:07 pm

Your so mean Scott. First Russell Crowe, then Tom cruise, (some other actors), now Melanie Griffiths. Who's next? and what must you think of your students? :O

..and I can't believe u said War Of The Worlds sucked and that you gain a lot of pleasure from Transformers.. Transformers wasn't that great (even though i still kind of liked it)..

Shane the Great
7/2/2009 07:43:33 pm

I'm so irritated with myself that I didn't at least make it to this screening.

The question is, why wouldn't one screen Bringing Up Baby. This is one of my favorites, and definitely one of Kate's best performances (but then, every one of the 36 performances I've seen from Miss Hepburn have been fantastic!).

I watched this again very recently, since I didn't make it to the screening, and it doesn't seem quite as fast paced as many say. I understand that shooting script for this was about 202 pages long - which of course if the minute-a-page rule is correct would be three and a half hours long. The film is about an hour and three quarters, so in theory the dialogue is flying by.

Maybe its by Hughes not Hawks. Tee hee. But actually yeah...it's a strange, but delightful movie.


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