Heterografting? Death by Alsatian? The Place of the Citroen in French Film? Your thoughts, comments and criticisms - please. 

Ruby RW
3/18/2009 07:49:05 pm

I now truly appreciate my intact and fully-functioning face.

3/19/2009 06:56:21 am

Indeed - I love the fact that that sequence is still shocking, after all this time. What is that, do you think?

To me, despite the subject matter (or maybe because of it), this is a beautiful film that is just haunting. Christine's movements are wonderful. Sometimes it feels like I'm watching a dream.

And then they peel the face off.

3/19/2009 07:14:01 am

Yes, her movements were so exquisite- and the sort of doll-like clothes that she wore supported this. I really enjoyed the opening shot (I seem to be doing this a lot), the ghostly trees lit from underneath and set against the night sky, with that cool carnival/circus music playing. It immediately places you within the world of the film and the context of the story. The closing shot was also fantastic, I just wish it went on for a little bit longer before being obscured by the giant 'FIN'.

On the way home I biked past a lady walking her Alsation (or German Shephard for Carsten), but I luckily managed to escape with my face still intact. Interestingly, she was wearing a turtle-neck jumper....


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