So - for $8000, what did you get out of it? Has anyone actually worked out where the story starts looping in on itself? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

6/5/2009 10:46:14 am

Was massively angry at myself for missing this one. Rushed to the video store in ponsonby and hired it.


I think the most inspiring bit was when the credits revealed a crew of five.

Also wikipedia says $7000. Even less! This is without a doubt the most inspiring work I've seen in years. Proof possibility.

I loved how officey it was. A science fiction that doesn't take place in some camp new world is a breath of fresh air. The plot and dialogue were both wonderful. Nothing is dumbed down.

I need to rewatch it and take notes.

I figure Aaron was was Aaron's double from the scene in the park when he is first wearing the earpiece. That is when it has begun looping?


6/6/2009 09:49:05 am

I missed this one too, being sick - and I was so looking forward to it. Luckily I'd already hired it out a while ago, and loved it. Although it's definitely one of those films you have to watch roughly 10 times before you fully understand it.

It was only after I looked at the Primer time-travel diagram on Wikipedia that I understood how it worked in the film. AWESOME.

A thinking man's (or woman's) film.

6/6/2009 10:57:56 am

I love the mind-boggling layer upon layer of paradoxes. Kind of like a paradox lasagne.
Something I remember thinking when I was watching it was how cool the garage door looked when they filmed from outside at night, looking in through the port-holeish windows. It reminded me of a spaceship, bringing it more into science fiction territory and heightening the mystique.
Looking back, it was a really brilliant idea to not make sure the audience heard everything and understood it, beacause then you have to work to piece together what's going on with the snatches of the story that you have.
What a great film; let's do one of those!

6/6/2009 11:22:56 am

"bringing it more into science fiction territory"

I remember having this argument with you and maybe Ben last year Romain. About science fiction.

Do you not think this film is a science fiction?

6/6/2009 06:19:06 pm

I thought this was a science fiction film, but you're entirely allowed to disagree.

6/7/2009 08:20:32 pm

Oh. No. I agree entirely. Just that science fiction territory sentence confused me.

I think I loved the mormon-chic attire, most of all.

6/8/2009 05:46:36 pm

I should have written 'science fiction' territory. Does that help or am I making it more confusing?
Because I think there's science fiction, and then there's 'science fiction'.

Yeah- the shirts and ties are delightfully depressing.


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