Fassbinder's Querelle divides critics and audiences alike; come claim it as genius, others as a piece of puerile masturbatory self-indulgent cinema. It may very well be both. What do you think?

3/29/2009 08:18:01 pm

I think before the screening, you called it a work of "beauty" Doc. I don't see it. Bizarro. Totally. Strangley compelling though.

3/30/2009 05:00:35 am

Indeed, I did call it a work of beauty (without the scare-quotes). Every time I watch this film I am struck by its strangeness; the fact that it's filmed on a soundstage with no attempt made to hide that fact; the way in which all of the rooms have walls made of translucent gauze so the notion of privacy becomes moot in the thrust and fumbling towards satisfaction; the glorious circular tracking shot on board the ship when the Lieutenant is being questioned by the police; the way in Querelle comes to accept the desires that both disgust and drive him - yes, I love this film.

I don't think it's perfect (it may not even be very good - I can't tell) but it is compelling and arresting and beautiful; I am moved by it in a way that I still cannot quite comprehend, And perhaps thats why I like it - it eludes me?


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